Note to SignPlay visitors:
Over the last few months, many things have changed in the interpreting community.  Some changes have been positive ones, others have been more challenging.  One of the changes that has directly impacted this website and my ability to provide information is the loss of the Access Coordinator at several theatre companies.  This means more limited access to information.

Please understand that this website is a volunteer effort that is paid for and managed by one person.  If you feel the website isn't updated enough, feel free to send information about performances you know of so that they can be posted.  Another way to pass along information is through the Yahoogroup. Anyone can join it at the bottom of most of the SignPlay pages.  Once you are a member, you can send information about Deaf Community Events or other signed performances not listed here.

Another issue that is having an impact is lack of attendance at many interpreted performances.  Theatres are beginning (again) to cancel performances that are scheduled because they have not sold any tickets.   What often happens is that we hear later, "I was going to buy tickets to that..."  Most theatres will cancel if there are no tickets sold  48 hours prior to the scheduled interpreted performance. If you plan to go to a show, be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time and identify that you are attending the interpreted performance.  For theatres, it is all about the numbers of people purchasing tickets.

I am committed to continuing this effort because I believe in it.  I hope you all will continue to support SignPlay in whatever way you can.  I look forward to seeing you at the theatre!


Jean A. Miller
SignPlay founder