Todd S. K. Agan
CI and CT
Todd S. K. Agan is a graduate of Western Oregon State College with a Bachelor's degree in ASL/English Interpretation, and a nationally certified interpreter.  Todd currently resides in Houston, Texas, but enjoys the luxury of still being a part of the Portland theatrical interpreting community.  The following lists his theatrical experience.

Portland Opera's "Best of Broadway"
Cats (10/01)
Saturday Night Fever ( 7/01)
Cabaret (8/00)
Jeckyll and Hyde (2/00)

Portland Center Stage
Antigone (3/01)
Closer (2/01)
The Devils (10/00)
Blues for an Alabama Sky (3/00)
A Christmas Carol (12/99)
Miss Julie (6/97)
Comfort and Joy (12/95)
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me (5/95)

Artistis Repertory Theatre
The Weir (4/01)

Oregon Children's Theatre
The Velveteen Rabbit (12/00)

Western Oregon University
Hippolytus (9/01)
Into the Woods (2/00)
Hauptmann (4/99)
Biloxi Blues (11/99)
Twilight of the Golds (5/98)
States of Shock (4/98)
King Lear (3/97)
Jeffrey (10/96)

Oregon State University
A Midsummer Night's Dream (8/98)
Romeo and Juliet (4/97)

Portland State University
Moo (4/97)

Other Theatres
Crimes of the Heart (Sprague High School, 3/00)
The Miser (Northwest Theatre of the Deaf, 1996)
Pygmalion (Wyndryder Prodtions 2/95)
Our Town (Oregon School for the Deaf, 1994)
Much Ado About Nothing (Tygres Heart       
Shakespeare Co., 1994)

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